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Our Story

Bethel and Helena are sisters, Co-Founders and Designers of BethelHelena, a high-end, women’s evening wear fashion label.

Growing up they were immersed within the fashion industry. Their grandfather was a premiere pattern maker who ran his own factory. He often brought his work home where Bethel and Helena saw his craft in action. They watched his precision when cutting new patterns and learned how imperative technique was to fashion construction. As they grew older, it became apparent that they inherited their grandfather’s innate talent, as well as his artistic eye.

At home, they took inspiration from their mother, who enriched them about the magic of clothing creation. She had a personal tailor and showed them the importance of quality and how you can transform fabric into beautiful, hand-crafted, personal works of art.

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women's evening wear

Through their immersive upbringing they found their true calling in fashion. They often say “if we weren’t in fashion, we would have felt like we wasted our life.”

Through BethelHelena, they not only bring their artistic talents; they bring their values. They love to help women feel confident and enjoy the process of connecting with their customers.

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